Major League Hacking 2018 Hackathon Season


January 19th - 21st, 2018

East Lansing - Michigan

SpartaHack IV is Michigan State University's fourth annual student-run hackathon. On the weekend of January 19th, we're bringing together 500 students of all skill levels and disciplines to get creative with tech, connect with peers and professionals, and forget the words "I can't." We're excited to see what you will create!


What is SpartaHack?

How do I sign up for SpartaHack?

What is the exact number of people?

Do I need to know how to code to come to SpartaHack?

Who can come to SpartaHack?

What should I make at SpartaHack?

Can I work with a team at SpartaHack?

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

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When and where is SpartaHack?

What is the exact number of people?

What is the exact number of people?

SpartaHack is a 36-hour programming marathon and competition held at Michigan State University on the weekend of January 19th-21st. We provide tons of meals, snacks, nap spaces, and swag, free of cost so all you need to worry about is making something cool.

Applications are open! Apply Here!

What are exfdsact nufgddmbers?

Definitely not! No programming experience is necessary; we have workshops and mentors at the event to help you learn about a variety of topics.

Anyone who is currently a student or has graduated within 12 months of SpartaHack! Graduate students, undergrads, and high-school students from any field of study are welcome.

Whatever you want to! A lot of people use hackathons as an opportunity to learn a new piece of tech, while others work with tools they know already to build something more challenging. You can check out last year’s projects here.

Sure! Teams can have up to 4 students.

Yes! As an MLH member event, all attendees must agree to the MLH Code of Conduct

Reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you.

SpartaHack is January 19th in Wells Hall at Michigan State University. Check-in starts at 6pm then! Hope to see you there!

What are exact nufgddmbers?

What are exact nufgddmbers?